November is my month to really work hard. Now that i got this Detox down pack in my brain. I'm about to show you! I have breakfast at 8:00am snack around 10:00 -10:15am,lunch12:00 12:30 Power walk 3:00 or 3:15 another snack green tea.The whole time I'm having water. Take my vitamins up to 9 an day.5:00 i have fiber One Bar to get threw carpooling(bottle water) I"ll eat a fatty lunch and healthy dinner (protein).I go workout around 7:00. For about 1 1/2. Depends on how I'm really feeling. I like to workout EARLY in the morning 5 am. My day seem so much better. Cause by the end of the day i get slow. I have an dog so help me to get out an walk. We normally due 2 miles. But it get dark quick so do 30 mins. Setting my time on my phone help me to remember to eat. My job is very stressful so i try to have fiber or protein snack on me all times. Sugar raise your insulin level up and then bring you down bad wanting more sweets an there goes your weight up up up. I take the staircase at work. I have my workout back up CD just in case things come up in my plans. Lol my workout stuff and mat is right beside my bed. So i have to look at them before and getting out of bed., The key to this Being Positive,"learn that hard way!" I went to a store and saw some cute dresses, I said to myself "i know i can"t get into that,plus it will look ugly on me anyway" Then i said "The Devil is Lie" I went try it on anyway. Guess what? that dress fit Fabulous (size8). I kept looking at my body frame in that dress! Damn i look sexy! I got to get use to this! Now I'm in between 10-8 sizes, That cool! The more i see changes the more i work at it hard Staying Positive. I want to be healthy reminder of my life. So glad an Good friend introduce this to me. I get great ideas from this site. Learn to eat right! and just read the positive stuff other deposited.

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