Hi ladies
I hope everbody doing well. Today was lazy day for me emotional drain. I did do my stairs today twice. I got compliment from my supervisor.She said that my stomach has really gone down. I smile and said thank you. I notice too. That was my biggest issue. I'm down to 160. All my pants are too big top are too. Insane and extreme is doing wonders on my body. My throat get very dry that when I know I need water. I drank gallon day. If yall ladies having issues doing #2. Cayanne pepper,lemon and maple syrup grade D. Will help insane to move faster. Sometimes I feel heavy around my mid- section. So I make me glass 8 oz. Feels some much better.Oh I forgot I did do 3 miles walk at home. I have and cd walk at home. Omg you will sweat your tale off. Love it! 45 mins.Feel Good when I'm done.

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