Yes this has been an learn my lesson year! I took MYSELF threw a lot! I just got my insane pills. Ready to start my year off right! At my job we are doing the biggest loser contest! 18 people so far are in. We have up to june lose the amount of weight we want to lose ( realistic weight).  I Don't have to lose much,but i will encourage other on my team to do so! I know God has bigger plans for me 2011! Only thing i have to do is let go what hurting  me most! Let him handle that! Just need to work on me before he bless me with anything! My time to get self back. Not relied on others to make me happy! Learn how to be happy and Love other as well. I love my life and it only one life to live on earth. So i need to appreciate what god has bless me and Lateesh for introducing  to Nina and her website! All my  friends on the site. We are like Sister here. We got each others back if we right or wrong.

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