Well, it definitely is true. This is no miracle pill. NDP does indeed offer rapid weight lost. In fact it happens so quickly that you may not even notice it but, others will. Now of course you'll acknowledge that you shed a few pounds but others see a tremendous difference. As you can see, I got into the red dress this Frebruary but, what you don't know is that I fit into that same dress this past summer. That is the reason why I set that dress as my motivator.  About three months after I started taking NDP I was down to about 127 pounds. I stopped taking them and began to fall back into my old habits of going out to eat with friends on the regular. It threw me off. I began to slack on my workouts as well. By the time that winter hit I realized that I had let myself get up to a little over 140 pounds so I began to take them again. You definitely have to either practice good eating habits or workout to maintain your ideal weight. I prefer both because not only is it about me losing weight, I also want to create a healthier lifestyle, a healthier me. I want to look and feel great on the inside and out. I want to be healthy mentally, physically , as well as spiritually.

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