I just want to say that i'm really like insane and extreme combo! I can see result already. yes the scale has moved. I was 166 when i started Sat 3/20/11. Now I weight myself this morning 3/24/11 I'm now at 160. My goal is 130 by June.I can tell my belly has slim down a lot. My guy friend told me that i have an beautiful shape. He can see the differences. He don't know that i'm on the pills. He just know i workout and take the stairs twice an day 12 flights. stairs has down my butt justices. He cant stop commenting me. I do this for myself. I have so much energy that i have to use it up. I walk 3 miles an day. I mean hills! I love the sweat. I get so excited about about reaching my goal!. Not so worry about the scale. It my clothes and how they look on me. Plus my health is getting better too. I be under a lot of stress from job,raising 17yrs, and life,I relived it by walk or working out.  Drinking water has work wonders on my belly and the stair master. Food i just eat what i want. But since i been on pills my potions has been little 6 times and day. Trust me it work!


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