L-R: Cocoa Caramel Almond Tan

I tweeted twice (or 3x's) about my hope & let down of the much takled about KVD tatt concealer.

Those of you who have known me for a while, know that I can sqwak endlessly about my heredity induced circles.

The next thing I'm seeking out to cover, anhilate or at least make me look awake is usually at the top of my concerns.

Anywhoo, this concealer was no different, I went through my endless research prior to making my decision to purchase. After doing so & spending almost two weeks with it, I want to either give it to someone who could use it on blemishes or ret (I HATE returning things).

The Good:

It Covers, better than most of my liquid concealers with the exception of MK

Stays Put til you remove

Dries semi-matte

Low on creasing if using in the orbital area

Highly concentrated (truly the amount in the pic below is too much for one eye)

Isn't sticky & it blends nicely-layering isn't an ordeal

The Bad:

The price for $25 .58 oz is outrageous to me. I might as well buy a full coverage foundation for a few bucks more and call it a day.

Oxidation-this was bad on me as you'll see (looked good for about 20 minutes). No one wants to be a reverse racoon or a racoon at all for that matter. =/

Color choice-there are 8 colors total only 5 were available in my local Sephora. At best, the color options for ethnic skins were 2 (Caramel-what I bought & Cocoa), don't let Tan & Almond fool you, they are quite pale in person

The Ugly:

My circles are still a bit apparent, but better with a corrector underneath. Overall, nothing could stop the oxidation.

If you have blemishes or mild discoloration around the orbital area, this may be a godsend for you & will last an eternity.

As for me, the search goes on.....(again) =/

Ps: In case anyone wants to know...Foundation is NARS powder foundation in Sedona & lips are MAC Vivacious

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