I have been on these pills an month now! I have went from 157 to 167 167 to 162 Now. I don't know what going on. I'm having 2 to 3 BM an day. I workout at least 3 time when time permit.I eat a lot have no chioce! i allow myself to have one fatty food per day. I do the stair master three time an week. I gainning muscles,i can see. I just don't know anymore. But my size 10 missy pants are falling off of me. I can now wear size 9 in jr went from size 13. somebody please help!

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Comment by Sheila Thomas on October 27, 2010 at 11:57am
I do want to say you are doing everything right, and sometimes our bodies do need rest like Nina mentioned. I think you have to give it more than a month because it works different for everyone. I know you see there are some that have lost 30 and 40lbs in a month, but believe me it's taken me a lot longer to get those results. Your story is very similar to mine. My first month was no weight loss but inches lost because I noticed I was fitting into smaller sizes. I have learned you can't look at the scale you have to take notice to how you feel and take pictures and compare as well as take notice to how your clothes are fitting you. Good luck to you and I hope you continue on your journey.
Comment by Lola on October 13, 2010 at 11:03pm
Hey Miss Alexandria, I left u a message on your page.
Comment by alexandria victoria wallace on October 13, 2010 at 10:27pm
help me too plz.. my situation is the same .
Comment by Natasha on October 13, 2010 at 3:31pm
Yay for throwing the scale away, girl!! I second everything said here in support of YOU! Sounds like it's time for you to take some pictures and let your brain actually SEE the difference side-by-side. I always said if I was a size 10/12, I'd never care how much I weigh. Also -- don't forget that your weight might also fluctuate due to changes in your body's water content throughout the day/week. And, if you decide that you absolutely cannot live without a scale, go buy one that also estimates your body fat percentage. That can be a better indicator of health than just measuring your weight. And most importantly of all...continue to focus on how you FEEL....you're awesome, and you should never let the scale tell you otherwise! HUGS!!
Comment by Lola on October 13, 2010 at 10:38am
Belinda, you just became my She-Ro!!! Awesome.
Comment by Belinda "never give up" on October 13, 2010 at 10:25am
Thanks ladies! i know yall care. I just had an mental breakdown. I just told my guy friend that i notice my body is change fast,that i can't catch up with it mentally. i threw that scale away this morning.
Comment by Lola on October 13, 2010 at 9:18am
@Nina: Wow, first I have say, I really love you Nina for what you just wrote below. It is refreshing and admirable how you have shared your whole journey with us and never ever think that it is in vain. You have literally helped hundreds of people transform their lives and I am not referring to you selling them the pills. I'm referring to this forum and every stinkin pic and tip that you have so generously shared with us. With all my heart, I thank you for that. I will never forget it.

@the lovely Belinda: Please don't give up! So you're saying that because the scale doesn't give you the number you want to see you are going to stop? Even though you you've dropped almost 2 dress sizes?? Momma, does that make sense to you?? Sweetie, if you are working out and building muscle that scale is going to go up and down because muscle weighs more than fat. It is heavier. If you have lost inches - you have burned fat and will continue to burn fat at a higher rate as you continue to add more lean muscle to your frame. Not to mention your body is probably beginning to sculpt and shape itself to something that is far more leaner and healthier than who you where before. Belinda - you are doing it!! Maybe the term losing weight is what we should ditch and in turn decided to commit to losing fat! Because that is what you are accomplishing!! You may not be happy with your results but I am down right envious and proud all at the same time! We need to reshape our thinking as well as our bodies because we can get so caught up with these numbers and I am speaking to myself as well. I have never looked or felt better in my entire life as I do right now and no my scale has not moved in a week. I am fitter, healthier, lighter, faster, sexier, flyer and have added years to my life and I refuse to let some stinkin number on the scale tell me differently. In the end, we will support whatever decision you come to but I see you as a resounding success and only that. You have to chose how you see yourself and what you have accomplished on here. Jeez you ladies kill me! I came in today and promised myself that I would not write or comment on one thing on here and there you go getting me all riled up!
Comment by Tezra S.Toney on October 13, 2010 at 9:13am
I wish that was me lol you are losing inches and gaining muscles so that's why the scale went up and not down that is good your clothers are falling off of you i don't see the problem.
Comment by NinaDetox on October 13, 2010 at 12:47am
lolololo girl im telling that scale will haunt u for a life time THERE IS NO WAY EXERCISE AND EATING RIGHT and doing all ur doing is going to be a disadvantage. its just a test to try and test ur patience how about giving u body a rest cool it a lil and just slow it down just for a few days if u can ....i havent weighed myself since i think i dont even know i dont weight anymore some may say well nina u dont have to...i just keeping putting on those sean john leggings that i have in medium bc u know he runs small when they fit loser i feel great when they all tight i start eating salads and no more pizza he hardest part is MAINTAINING THE WEIGHT not gaining no losing it its easy to lose it but to maintain it and stay at it for so long its a struggle man i tell ya its a struggle. but i come here and i just look at u all and even myself and say i cant disappoint all the ppl with just letting myself go and i certainly can disappoint myself....u r an inspiration to all of us to even have a place to say I AM ABOUT TO GIVE UP is an inspiraton to me bc in the pst i would just hide in my car and eat but now there is a place to voice when u get fed up and i truly feel i will have support for the rest of my life because of you all...so when u struggle i stuggle but boy when u achieve and meet ur goal its like we do too...so i pray that u continue to fight the fight and if u cant u can use my hands to fight the battle bc i am and we are with u along the way. believe it thats it....90% mind...:0) love ya MUCHO!!

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