Having Your Cereal & Eating It Too....

If you've been looking for ways to cut your sugar & carbs, you may have given up milk or switched to maybe a soy or almond alternative.
If these options are working for you, my hat's off to you, but if you're still jonsing for something & the taste of either of those isn't working, check out the following....

Check the stats on the label-this isn't going to do you in on your efforts & another big plus, since there's a good of percentage of fat & sugar removed, the shelf life is extended in comparison to traditional milk.

Best of all, this stuff tastes like MILK b/c it's made of milk! If you need less calories, there is a fat free version as well, but the sugar & carb count is the same.

I've been using this product with my fiber cereals of choice (another post soon) for over 5 years, but way back then it used to be called carb countdown.

I hope this helps some of you who thought you had to give up milk altogether.


Ps:It is on the pricier side, although I've never seen it higher than $3.75 on avg. where I am.

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