Well here it is again the top of another week & for some reason this time it didn't get off to a good start food wise.
I'm normally really good when it comes to doing the correct & necessary with my food choices, but today just left me feeling two steps behind.
I felt like I wished I could just go back to bed & start all over again.
Unfortunately, I didn't get in my most needed breakfast, while I did get in my fiber & am almost caught up on my h20.
Lunch got squeezed in, plus one snack (I normally have 2-3 depending on my main meals) & I just finished dinner about 1/2 hour ago.

Even though it's "sort of" leveled out, it just makes me a bit twisted with myself when the day doesn't kick off as planned.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day & a chance to start anew.

How do you bounce back when your daily food sched. is off???

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Comment by FaceFab on June 15, 2010 at 12:18am
Thanks for the reinforcement!
I've got to get my mind right, tomorrow is grocery day.....

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