I'm so glad that i have join this group. I always feel love when i get on hear. Just talking to people that you never met before show you so much love.The friends i have on here now feel like sisters i never had! I can feel down and come on here " guess what happen" yall jump in to pull me out of that funk. Never negative stuff. I love to go back an read some of the post and look at the amazing pictures. That keeps my hopes up. I started to exercise more now. Joining the classes at the gym. I use to ashamed of the way i look when i went to the gym or i want be able to keep up with ladies in the class. But since i been with yall my confident level has shot up! i know i got the will power to make this happen. The pic i seen on here, those women and men didn't get there easy! They had some bumps to in the road. I'm not going give up trying.This woman told me today that "i look thick at the waist' I went back to my seat and started to feel bad. I had all kind of thoughts in my head. I even went to the bathroom look in the mirror pulling on waist and clothes. Later that day i went back an told her "thank for you comment i'm about to make you sick *wink* kept it moving. Thanks! made me even stronger.Not to prove an point but to push myself more and stop feel bad about myself. I even get pick on cause i want to eat right! dang people tried of being sick,spending money at the doctor. It just good old common sense! This girl at my job join an gym she ask me why was that gym schedule for post over my computer. I told her to keep up with classes. (sad) she said she join an gym and only went one time. Wasting all that money! Plus she over 200 pounds. I hope when she see my result she will get serious. OK sisters I'm going to bed now. I just want to share this with y'all :0)

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Comment by Belinda "never give up" on October 17, 2010 at 9:30pm
thanks sis!
Comment by NinaDetox on October 17, 2010 at 7:47pm
GIRL IM BACK AT THE GYM TOO TOMORROW just to tone these legs were here together! lol hold me to it i been saying it for a year now!

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