Ever wonder why humans nowadays have accepted the deterioration that comes from CONSUMING STARCH for decades...
Bad eyesight
Bad joints (arthritis)
Bad Backs(degenerative disc disease)
Bad skin
Bad hearing
All these "norms" are due from STARCH CONSUMPTION!
Starch only occurs when 2 plants are cross pollinated (hybridized). Starch is the BINDING agent used to combined these 2 plants that would otherwise NEVER mesh together. These starch based plants such as wheat, corn (which is derived from the south american grain - the teo sente), potatoes, etc, cannot send their roots into the ground & convert solid rock/minerals into a liquid digestible food. Only natural, organic (non cloned, from seed plants), CARBON BASED(not starch based) plants can convert minerals from a solid to a liquid, this process is known as Ironthropherosis (according to Edward Schutz). Hybrids can only absorb moisture/water & sunlight.
It is no wonder why many (all) have wheat allergies, soy allergies, peanut allergies, etc.. they are MAN MADE PLANTS... and cannot properly assimilate into the body for fuel. They give us a FALSE sense of energy, a RUSH.. followed by a CRASH.
We are ALKALINE, therefor we need ALKALINE food, not acid(starch) foods. Starch is a stiffening agent, & as you may know, starches are fermented to make alcohol, & refined sugars turn into alcohol as they ferment within our bodies at 98 degrees, also, drugs like Cocaine & Heroin are forms of starch. Starch undermines our thinking(think about the effects of alcohol) as well as destroying our bodies over time.
Hybridizing is a VIOLATION of nature and is a MAN MADE PRACTICE... anything that needs the aid of man to exist is ARTIFICIAL.
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